• Farhat Shaikh

What is Passion?

A word passion is used for everything these days. "What's your passion”, “Passion will make your life” “Follow your passion”, “What’s your passion”. No one is born with a passion, but everyone has the potential to become successful through hard work. Everything in life is learned through hard work only.

In order to find success, you must first find your specialty. It’s a simple process, but it takes steady and hard work to make it a reality. Hard work becomes the passion. No one has ever woken up one day and said “my passion is mechanical, I will do mechanical from now on”! It doesn’t work like that. Do you think Shakespeare knew his passion? No. He worked, again and again… until his plays were liked. Do you think Lionel Messi was born with a passion for Football? No, he was at a Football ground since he was 9 or 11 years old and played it almost every day. Do you think this is passion?

Give a kid a coding book and kid will become a coder. Give a kid a science book and best guidance, and they’ll become a scientist. Give a kid a cricket kit and lessons that kid will become a Sachin Tendulkar. Give a kid a paintbrush, and they’ll become the next

M.F. Hussain. Give a kid dance lesson that kid will become a Professional Dancer. So-called “passion” is chosen and only hard work gets anyone to the top.

Research suggests that we need to understand that you don't find your passion, you build it. It was a result not of passion, but of determination, leadership, opportunism, hard work and many other factors. It is a discovery process, not a match made in heaven.

By Fazal Abbas


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