• Farhat Shaikh

The Nightmare.!

Visualize of a place with empty streets, humming buildings & echoic lanes, the nostalgic breeze all over the place, the muddy smell of the ground, the sweet fragrance from the mosque, the lighted incense in the temple. No schools, no exams, no tests & no assets. No work to do, no assignments to complete, no lectures to attend & no project to accomplish. A place to live life to its fullest & freedom to do everything we want, all our selfish needs and awful desires. No law to break & no constitution to follow. All of this feels like a lovely dream. No wonder such a pleasant dream would turn into one of the most gruesome nightmares of my life. This was the result of a pandemic named 'Corona'. The place of wonders became a horror city. No sign of humanity & people around. The chaotic buildings turned into silent graveyards, the busy streets are crying for people, the freaky lanes are now drippy, the crowded malls are isolated, the city parks are searching for children, the fast-food stalls wanting to serve office workers & the running vehicles are now stagnant. The place looked dreadful. Where are humans? Did humanity completely vanish? No, the homo sapiens were quarantined, self-isolated in their own four walls. A precautionary measure was taken to save people from this inevitable threat. But, the poor became helpless, the wage earners got disabled, people faced unemployment, scarcity of food, the inefficiency of resources, price rise, the inadequacy of daily products & anxiety dragged them to depression. The place was frightful & numerous abhorrent stories on every step. As I walk along the lane I see a family of four towards the right is starving from a week due to lack of food supply, an old man of 70 years age dwelling at the corner of the street is suffering from heart disease and is abandoned from any treatment, a father in the next lane poisoned his entire family because he couldn't fulfill every member's basic need so they committed suicide, a 7-month young baby girl is crying for milk since past 2 days & her mother is indefensible. Similarly, there are diverse bloodcurdling stories on every step I take that would crush your heart into thousands of pieces & morally break you down in such a way that you would never rise again. Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn't imagine surviving in such a terrifying city. I just pray things get back to normal and we dwell in humanity at it's best.

By Faizan Manihar

S.Y.B.Sc. (CS)

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