• Farhat Shaikh

The Brave Souls Thank You

As the year started we all were happy with our lives enjoying every small moment with family and the best once with our fellow friends.. like bunking the lecture, unnecessary going for a break after each and every lecture snatching the sandwich of our friend in the canteen waiting after the college hours pulling legs of each other Being happy sometimes sad after the exams, snatching the bikes keys while returning home!

This all just became a memory as we get to know the news of COVID-19 It feels like an empty world everything has just stopped everyone are locked in their homes safe... Accept the people who have risk their lives for the betterment of the Humanity Front line workers. The Police Men, The Doctors and many others who all are helping the needy in this situation Hats off to all those brave souls of them who are out of their home in this deadly situation leaving their family children's parents back for Us Thank you.

Because of these people we all are safe and healthy in our home, I think nothing has changed just handshakes became a wave on a video call.. pulling legs became the tagged memes on Instagram throwing chalks in the classroom has become the played songs in the zoom lecture, eating street food with friends became the What's App status with the caption #Memories... This Global Pandemic has made us respect the Humanity.

Once again thanks to all those souls because of whom we all are safe at Home The Brave Souls.

By Moutasim Shaikh 


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