• Farhat Shaikh

Pandemic or an inevitable void of boredom?

It was the start of a new year, people all around the globe boozing and hoping for a better luck this year, who knew the surprise awaited for us that we'd be struck behind the walls. Funny how one day we were roaming around and the next thing we knew we were locked up with very interesting people: Our family. Being quarantined with family isn't easy because there is no escape. The never-ending family drama, troubling sibling, the house chores, it really makes me feel as if I'm on house arrest The never-ending family drama, troubling sibling, the house chores, it really makes me feel as if I'm on house arrest (maybe it is that.)… When they said the devil is always around us, I never thought it would be siblings.

Nonetheless, brown people have surely found a way to kill their time. In this lock down, everyone's a chef, an artist and what not! There is a chance to believe that after the lock down we'll have more chefs than any other profession. Just kidding. It also has invoked the 10-year-old artists inside us because that must be the last time we have drawn something till now. In quarantine everyone is trying something new, but our mothers are bound to do the same work: cook, clean and work! The only people working hard this quarantine must be doctors, police officers and mothers!

Personally, I've done everything to kill the time, from sweeping to mopping, from sewing to cooking, I think I may have qualified as a multi-talented person but so have others. It may not come as a surprise that after this lockdown everyone might be obese because all sugar and spice isn't healthy and nice'. I wonder if everything they post is as delicious as it looks, we'll never know because too far to taste right? But how can u possibly top the pizzas, burgers, the momos and the pani puris?! If home-made was so good then our moms would've always made it, like they always claim “Ye toh main ghar par bhi bana sakti hu.” Any ways, I've run out of things to do so basically my new time pass would be listening to my dad's loud WhatsApp videos.

Desi dad's being at home all day is not as smooth as it seems in film. Even though they know we are quarantined as well, they seem to be still disappointed in us for not doing anything productive.

As for all the students, it seemed like a peaceful holiday till school and colleges started conducting online classes. Teenage years are very hard they said and now these online classes are making it sure!

I remember being a child and walking around the zoo just to see animals inside the cages, I wonder if the pigeons and crows outside my window come with the same purpose (Huh).

The apps that have hit a raise are Ludo, UNO, Snapchat, PUBG, etc. Everyone is so busy in playing ludo that it may be considered as a separate subject in the exams. The app founders were never in the business as much as now: The new billionaires. If only they had created their applications for a situation like this! Another game that we enjoyed in this lockdown was banging steel plates, lighting pre-Diwali candles.

Another business on high rise is Sanitizers and Soaps and Masks. At last Bunty from lifebuoy ad had time traveled and knew what was coming! Bravo Bunty!! You were right all along.

This pandemic has made us wash our hands so much that the remaining whatsoever future lines have been wiped out from our hands. May the lord rewrite a better future this time and make us a little less lazy?

News channels have become the new Hitler since they've decided to stick to the“divide and rule”theory.

I don't know about the scientists finding the vaccine for coronavirus, but the brown parents surely have found“effective remedies”to avoid it, through WhatsApp!

Jokes apart, we all need to be a bit more humane and stick together and fight this pandemic. As the phrase goes,”Fate is nothing but the deeds committed in a prior state of existence”,we are obliged to think if we led to this pandemic or were it God's way of backfiring our disdainful acts?

I hope God shows mercy on us and soon this is allover, and we go back to our happy yet boring lives again repeating the same schedule everyday and finding new ways to kill the time.

By Sabiha Shaikh

F.Y B.B.A.

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