• Farhat Shaikh

I wish

I wish I had artificial eyes or a robotic mind,I would have scanned and made a cure for every disease.

We live in a world with AI(Artificial Intelligence) by our side,but now it all feels fake as no AI could help us.

I wish I was a vampire or a ghoul,I would have donated my blood for the cure of such pandemic.

But all of that I imagined was either I saw on Netflix or in books I read.

I wish I had  time machine or power of telekinesis,I would have traveled back in time and warned the world or traveled to a destination and got the cure.

But then I realized that even if I educated people about it nothing would have changed.

I wish there existed a parallel universe or another dimension,I would have gone there and lived my life.

But then I was scared to live a life without the people I love.

I wish I had the ability to disappear like Mr.India,I would have enjoyed my lockdown days.

But I was told that it can be a single person or a whole town  responsible for the spread of a disease.

I wish I had words to define and emotions to express,I would have used it to the fullest.

But then I remembered when I had those I choose to be an introvert and stay indoors.

I wished I had the magic lamp or an entity that would grant my wish,I would have asked it to cure the whole world of this pandemic.

But then I realized that if I had that I would have already be done asking for my 3 wishes.

At last all I wished was this pandemic to end and it was just a wish which will remain a wish.

By Zaid Shaikh


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