Bouncing back knowing the failure

It is so easy to exhibit that you won. Equally hard to say that you failed. 

Our #PCIEDC team of 5 students viz., Moiz,  Zarreen @Amina @Zaid & Moutasim represented #akispoonacollegeofartssciencecommerce at #iimb Bangalore's UnMaad 2020's National B-Plan Competition alongwith Arbaaz, Rahul & NIRAJ

This team presented a unique idea, yes unique, since no other idea was any closer to their's. And I feel so proud about it.

We as a #team slogged day n night. Burnt that midnight oil, travelled a thousand plus miles, brainstormed till 3:30 am literally, did numerous demos, barely slept, made a prototype that initally failed and was a delightful output in the third attempt, been there done that... And finally represented in the #Finale

The result, we couldn't make it to the winning list.

Sad, depressed, overwhelmed by the huge expectations, several bouts of weeping and then getting back to normal.

Yes, we did it all.

However, hats off to the #spirits of this endearing team. Life is about bouncing back n not giving up.

We shall go ahead with this idea no matter what, because they are confident that we could make it big with it in what they say as a real Competition -- #Life

We returned with huge #lifelearnings We disagree to disappoint our #idea #hustle #hardwork

#Participation is important. Owning your failures and yet continuing with your hustle to make it through, that's #perseverance ... The most needed quality of an #Entrepreneur


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