• Farhat Shaikh

COVID-19:A dead town

Updated: May 3, 2020

Parents will try to wake up their children for hours, but they won't get up until that magical phone call from that friend. At times even skipping breakfast just to rush over college to meet them. From those lovely couples to those jealous singles to those who had a crush and then those who never thought of such stuff. To students of different caste and color, to students of different religions we all ate in one tiffin box. No matter if he\she was a scholar student or the nerdy backbencher they all bunked that lecture together. The lunch at Poona restaurant, then to outings at Visapur, Lavasa, Amby Vally, etc were the adventures of college life. Mimicry of professor we all hated to having fun with the ones we loved, that's how time went on. Pulling tricks on friends to taking weird photos of them we all had a great laugh.

The moment we entered the college gates we used to rush over to our friends and hug them as if we met them after centuries. Then to making comments on people we all did enjoy it. From not knowing where we've kept our ID card to suddenly becoming sincere when the principal was on a walk we all did it the exact same way. Contributing money for afternoon lunch and going to those stalls to have snacks, was the best memory of college. Thou however we maybe but it was a place where all kinds of students met each other. It was a place which bought together the rich and the poor, the lonely and the joyful. From posting gaming videos on YouTube to making videos on TicTok we all had a unique talent. That's how the days were spent, No matter we said it a hundred times that we'll miss our school days but not even once we thought about school in this Quarantine but all we missed was our college.

And alas we used to come home tired and tuck our-self into our bed, Just to wake up to a town which was called COVID-19: A dead town. By Shaikh Zaid

T.Y.B.Sc. (CS)

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