Dr Parvez Abdul Ajij Shaikh

Assistant Professor

Email: parvez.shaikh@poonacollege.edu.in


Dr. Parvez Shaikh received his PhD in Materials Science in 2010 from the Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India. He has awarded with CSIR-Research Associate position and joined National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) at Pune, India, where he worked on magnetic nano-material, epitaxial multiferroic thin films by PLD, photo-detectors etc.  After working three years (2011-2014) at NCL, He joined as post-doctoral fellow at King Abdullah University of Science and technology (KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to work on photovoltaic effects in hybrid perovskite based optoelectronic devices (2011-2014). At present(2017- till date), He is working as Assistant Professor of PHYSICS at  Y & M, Anjuman Khairul Islam's Poona College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Pune, India.

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Shivaji University / Ph.D.

December 2007 - December 2010,  Kolhapur, INDIA.


Shivaji University / M.Sc.

June 2005 - May 2007,  Kolhapur, INDIA.




AKI'S Poona College  of Arts, Science & commerce / Assistant Professor

07 March 2017  to  PRESENT,  PUNE, INDIA.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology / Post Doctoral Fellow

July 2014 - March 2017 KINGDOME OF SAUDI ARABIA.

National Chemical Laboratory / CSIR - Research  Associate

April 2011 - April 2014,  PUNE, INDIA.


CSIR - Research  Associate Year 2011


Nano-material synthesis by chemical methods, Magnetoelectric Composites, Ferrite & Ferroelectrics, Photodetectors,  Photo-electro-chemical water splitting, Water desalination, optoelectronic devices and solar cell.




Year 2017

  1. Arif D. SheikhRahim MunirMd Azimul HaqueAshok BeraWeijin HuParvez ShaikhAram Amassian, and Tom Wu, Effects of High Temperature and Thermal Cycling on the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells: Acceleration of Charge Recombination and Deterioration of Charge Extraction Applied materials and interface 2017, 9 (40), pp 35018–35029 Impact factor: 7.1

Year 2016

  1. Parvez A. Shaikh, D. Shi, A. D. Sheikh, J. R. D. Retamal, Md. A. Haque, C. Kang, Jr-Hau He, Osman Bakr* and Tom Wu* Schottky junctions formed on perovskite single crystals: light-modulated dielectric constant and self-biased photodetectionJ. Material Science C 2016, 4, 8304–8312. Impact factor: 5.1

Year 2014

  1. Parvez A. Shaikh, Vishal Thakare, Dattatray Late, and SatishchandraOgale* “Back-to-back MOS-Schottky (Pt-SiO2-Si-C-Pt) nano-heterojunction device as an efficient self-powered photodetector: One step fabrication by pulsed laser deposition” Nanoscale 2014, 6, 3550.Impact factor: 7.4

  2. Dattatray J. Late*, Parvez A. Shaikh, RuchitaKhare, Ranjit V. Kashid, Minakshi Chaudhary, Mahendra A. More,Satishchandra B. Ogale* Pulsed Laser-Deposited MoS2 Thin Films on W and Si: Field Emissionand Photoresponse Studies Applied materials and interface 2014 6 (18), pp 15881–15888Impact factor: 7.1

  3. Ajay Jha, DattakumarMhamane, Anil Suryawanshi, Parvez A. Shaikh, Narayan Biradar,   SatishchandraOgale* and    Chandrashekhar V. Rode* Triple nanocomposites of CoMn2O4, Co3O4 and reduced graphene oxide for oxidation of aromatic alcohols Catalysis Science &Technology 2014, 4, 1771. Impact factor: 5.4

  4. Y. D. Kolekar, A. Bhaumik, P. A. Shaikh, C. V. Ramana and K. GhoshPolarization switching characteristics of 0.5BaTi0.8Zr0.2O3-0.5Ba0.7Ca0.3TiO3 lead free ferroelectric thin films by pulsed laser deposition J. Appl. Phy.2014, 115, 154102 Impact factor: 2.22

Year 2013

  1. Parvez A. Shaikh, Abhik Banerjee, Onkar Game, YesappaKolekar, Sangeeta Kale  and SatishchandraOgale*“Citrate milling of oxides: From poly-dispersed micron scale to nearly mono-dispersed nanoscale”Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics15, 5091, 2013. Impact factor: 4.5

  2. Wegdan Ramadan, Parvez A. Shaikh,  Sh. Ebrahim,  Abdallah Ramadan, Beatrice Hannoyer, Samuel Jouen, Xavier Sauvage and SatishchandraOgale“Highly Efficient Photocatalysis by BiFeO3/α(γ)-Fe2O3 Ferromagnetic Nano p/n Junctions Formed by Dopant Induced Phase Separation”Journal of Nanoparticles Research15:1848-18 (2013) Impact factor: 2.27

Year 2012

  1. Parvez A. Shaikh and Y. D. Kolekar"Study of microstructural, electrical and dielectric properties of perovskite 0.7 PMN - 0.3 PT ferroelectric at different sintering temperature" Journal of Analytical and Applied PyrolysisVolume 93, January 2012, Pages 41–46. Impact factor: 3.7

  2. Sarika A. Kelkar, Parvez A. Shaikh, PradipPachfuleand Satishchandra B. Ogale “Nanostructured Cd2SnO4 as an energy harvesting photoanode for solar water splitting”Energy and Environmental science2012, 5, pages 5681-5685 Impact factor: 29.5

Year 2011

  1. M.S. Khandekar, R.C. Kambale, S.S. Latthe, J.Y. Patil, P. A. Shaikh, N. Hur, S.S. Suryavanshi“Role of fuels on intrinsic and extrinsic properties of CoFe2O4 synthesized by combustion method” Materials Letters 65 (2011) 2972-2974. Impact Factor: 2.3

Year 2010

  1. P. A. Shaikh, R.C.Kambale, A.V.Rao and Y.D.Kolekar“Effect of Ni doping on structural and magnetic properties of Co1-xNixFe1.9Mn0.1O4 Ferrite”Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 322(2010) 718-726. Impact Factor: 2.4

  2. P. A. Shaikh, R.C.Kambale, A.V.Rao and Y.D.Kolekar“Structural, magnetic and electrical properties of Co-Ni-Mn ferrites synthesized by co-precipitation method” Journal of Alloys and Compounds 492 (2010)590-596. Impact Factor: 3

  3. R.C.Kambale,P. A. Shaikh, N.S.Harale, V.A.Bilur, C.H.Bhosale, K.Y.Rajpure and Y.D.Kolekar“Structural and magnetic properties of Co1-xMnxFe2O4 (0<x<0.4) spinel ferrites synthesized by combustion route” Journal of Alloys and Compounds 490 (2010) 568-571. Impact Factor: 3

  4. R.C.Kambale, P. A. Shaikh, C.H.Bhosale, K.Y.Rajpure and Y.D.Kolekar“Studies on magnetic, dielectric and magnetoelectric behavior of (x) NiFe1.9Mn0.1O4 and (1−x) BaZr0.08Ti0.92O3magnetoelectric composites”Journal of Alloys and Compounds489 (2010) 310-315. Impact Factor: 3

  5. R.C.Kambale,P. A. Shaikh, Y.D.Kolekar, C.H.Bhosale and K.Y.Rajpure“Studies on dielectric and magnetoelectric behavior of 25 % CMFO ferrite and 75 % BZT ferroelectric multiferroic magnetoelectric composites” Materials Letters 64 (2010) 520-523. Impact Factor: 2.3

  6. R. C. Kambale; P. A. Shaikh; K. Y. Rajpure; P. B. Joshi; Y. D. Kolekar“Studies on Structural and Dielectric Properties of CMFO Ferrite and BZT Ferroelectric Magnetoelectric Composites”Integrated Ferroelectrics, 121:1–12, 2010. Impact Factor: 0.37


Year 2009

  1. P. A. Shaikh, R.C.Kambale, A.V.Rao and Y.D.Kolekar“Studies on Structural and Electrical Properties of Co1-xNixFe1.9Mn0.1O4 Ferrite”Journal of Alloys and Compounds482 (2009) 276–282.Impact Factor: 3

  2. P. A. Shaikh, R.C.Kambale, A.V.Rao and Y.D.Kolekar“Comparative studies on structural and Electrical Properties of Lead Titanate Synthesized by Ceramic and Co-precipitation Method”Journal of Alloys and Compounds486 (2009) 442–446. Impact Factor: 3

  3. R.C.Kambale, P. A. Shaikh, S.S.Kambleand Y.D.Kolekar“Effect of cobalt   substitution on structural, magnetic and electric properties of nickel ferrite”Journal of Alloys and Compounds478 (2009) 599-603. Impact Factor: 3

  4. R.C.Kambale,P. A. Shaikh, C.H.Bhosale, K.Y.Rajpure and Y.D.Kolekar“Dielectric properties and complex impedance spectroscopy studies of mixed Ni-Co ferrites”Smart Mater. Struct.18 (2009) 085014 (6pp) Impact Factor: 2.44

  5. R.C.Kambale, P. A. Shaikh, C.H.Bhosale, K.Y.Rajpure and Y.D.Kolekar“The Effect of Mn substitution on the magnetic and dielectric properties of cobalt ferrite synthesized by autocombustion route” Smart Mater. Struct.18 (2009) 115028 Impact Factor: 2.44

  6. M.M. Mallapur, P. A. Shaikh, R.C. Kambale, H.V. Jamadar, P.U. Mahamuni, B.K. Chougule “Structural and electrical properties of nanocrystalline cobalt substituted nickel zinc ferrite”Journal of Alloys and Compounds479 (2009) 797–802. Impact Factor: 3




Thin Film Deposition Techniques

Pulsed Laser Deposition.

Magnetron sputtering.

Electro-chemical deposition.

Spray Pyrolysis.

Spin coating.

Thermal evaporation


Nanoparticles Synthesis Technique

Ceramic method.

Co-precipitation method.

Combustion method.

Colloidal-Suspension method.

Sol-Gel method.

Hydrothermal method.


Characterization techniques handled during last 9 Years: 

Raman and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy,X-ray diffraction technique.

Scanning electron microscopy, Optical microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy.

UV-Visible, DRS technique, photoluminescence.

Electrochemical workstation and impedance measurement.

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA),

Probe-station, Keithley 4200 semiconductor analyzer,P-E loop tracer, LCR meter, d33 meter


Device fabrication:

Electron Beam lithography


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