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The Alumni of 49 years old Poona College have made their Alma-Mater proud by distinguishing themselves at the local, national and international levels. They have spread far and wide on a global scale by outclassing themselves as academicians, administrators, scientists, scholars, entrepreneurs and technocrats. Many of them have excelled in their respective fields and have significantly contributed in the socio-economic development of our nation in particular and the world in general.

The term Alumni reminds us of our glorious past and distinct feature of our college - that we are our presence on a global scale. It invokes up luminous memories of yesteryears, which has shaped up our college crossing several milestones by making noteworthy contributions to the advancement of knowledge keeping pace with the changing times and needs of new generations. We have transformed from a traditional college with a solid resolve to become a pace setter in the field of higher education with an international outlook and a global outreach.

Alumni are an integral part of this continued process of change, tradition and modernity. The college seeks to institutionalize these bonds between alumni and alma mater through an Association into a lifelong relationship.

Poona College has always considered its alumni as a source of strength, support and sustenance in all  its endeavours. The Alumni Association of Poona College was formed in September 2018 in order to fulfil the long felt need for a forum and the cherished desires of its alumni It has been duly registered as a society (Regd.No. of 2018) to activate its functioning A committee has been constituted to provide vision, guidance and coordinate the all-round activities of the Alumni Association.

Our Alumni Association is considered as partner in the progress of our college. This Association unfolds a bulk of opportunities to serve this great institution by lending mutual cooperation in its maximum by helping to stay connected with the alma mater.

It facilitates the noble tradition of ‘giving back’ in multiple proportions.

It supports the college in the pursuit of excellence.

The Association seeks to promote networking among the alumni and provide mutual services to one-another which is vital to the onward march of our College in the new millennium.

It is for conceptualizing initiatives and strategies in the fulfilment of the stated objectives thereby calling for the strengthening of Alumni Association.

It focuses widening the membership base, increasing its awareness and impact by well planned activities / approaches and involving more and more of them (Alumni and students’ vis-à-vis prospective alumni) in all the activities of the Association.

To creating a virtual Alumni Association through web based initiatives.

The college is willing to extend all possible cooperation to this enterprise, which serves as a link between the past and the present holding connectivity to the future.

We appeal to all the alumni to enrol in the Alumni Association to strengthen the bonds with our alma mater. There are different categories of membership for participation in the Association.

You may apply online for the membership of the association.



  • To interact with all the stake holders of our college and with one-another.

  • To contribute in all spheres of activities by all possible means leading to the development of the institution and its footprint in the society.

  • To provide a common platform for interaction, cooperation and assistance among all the Alumni.

  • To institute incentives such as prizes, scholarships to meritorious students and financial aid to the poor and deserving students of Poona College.

  • To serve as a communication channel between all the activities of the Institution and alumni.

  • Any other initiatives that the general body may decide from time to time.



The Poona College Alumni Association (PCAA) appeals to all the Alumni to contribute generously in the College Development Fund with the personal choice of your fund utilization suggestions/objectives. The college will utmost try to fulfil your objectives wherever it is possible. However it may give priority to its most urgent need, the discretion of which shall rest solely with the college.

Any donation towards the college development fund has to be made in the authorized bank account of Poona College Alumni Association whose details are listed below.

Name of the Bank: ICICI Bank

Bank Branch: Fatimanagar, Pune

Bank IFSC Code: ICIC0001475

Account Name: Poona College Alumni Association

Account Number: 147501001754

Any financial contribution/donation has to be notified on the PCAA Email ID

Distinguished Alumni

The prominent among the Poona College Alumni who have brought honour to our institution by distinguishing themselves in their chosen area of profession and expertise

  1. Public Figures

  2. Armed Forces personnel

  3. Academicians& Scientists

  4. Sports Personality

  5. Business Personality

Membership Details


Contact details

Email ID :

Principal Prof. (Dr.) Shaikh Aftab Anwar

IQAC Coordinator Prof. Shaikh Iqbal

Tel. No.  +912026446319 Fax: +912026454240


Alumni Club

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Weight Lifting with Iron

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